Discover how holistic life coaching offers by Sasa Evans Coaching helps women overcome emotional issues, refocus their mindset, balance mind, body and soul and love themselves both from the inside and out. 

Holistic mindset coaching can be a catalyst in helping you reframe the way you think about yourself and your abilities by offering you tools to refocus your mindset & reclaim your desired life.

Our integrated holistic coaching strategies will support you to heal from emotional pain, reclaim joy and wellness and create a life you desire.​

Curious if our program is right for you? Book an intro call and we’ll answer all your questions, no hard sell.

Reframe your thoughts and refocus your mindset

  • Improved self-sight and self-esteem - you look at your self in a positive way and do not always beret or compare yourself to others. 

  • Your relationships are improved as you find it easier to keep relationships and also relate to people. 

  • Less stress and anxiety - you have a better ability to cope and have increased life satisfaction. 

  • Build self-confidence- because you are kinder to yourself and you know that we all make mistakes your self- confidence becomes high. 

  • Better health and well-being- positive mindset increases positive feelings and mood

  • Better at taking responsibility for your life- you don't entertain blame culture and you take responsibility for your mistakes, learn and move on.

  •  Are you ready to move beyond your fears and negative self-talk that limits and keeps you from the life you desire and deserve? 

  •  If your answer is yes, find out how Sasa's holistic mindset coaching can help you by  clicking   the button below.

  • Its time to reframe the way you self-talk and refocus your mindset and live the life you desire.

Curious if our program is right for you? Book an intro call and we’ll answer all your questions, no hard sell.


Euphonia M, CT

The Dare to Heal has transformed my life!"When I joined the course, I didn’t know what to expect cos I have been searching for something to help me. I found it, thank you Sasa for your support .


Ettah MM, UK

I will recommend Sasa's course to anyone"This course was truly transformational . I recommend it. Best decision and best investment.

Jean H, Retired Nurse UK

Really transformed my relationship!

I found Sasa to be a very compassionate person. Using her strategies really improved my relationship with my son.


About Sasa Evans Coaching

As a coaching professional and speaker, Sasa Evans Coaching aims to deliver bespoke coaching experiences, inspiration, and transformation to a variety of audiences.She strives to make every session a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content. Are you ready to make a change in your life? Book a service consultation today.

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